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Bio-Cleanse De-tox

Rasmussen Chiropractic Center for Wellness

The human body is like a giant magnet that attracts and holds on to toxins. Heavy metals, partially oxidized fats, unassimilated proteins, cholesterol deposits, uric acid, plaque, lactic acid, and the vast array of chemicals that pervade our water, air, and food attach themselves in ionized form to joints, organs, arteries, nerves and tissues, disrupting their function and creating an environment for disease, allergies and immune system breakdowns. Electromagnetic pollution is one of the 7 factors that interferes with your bodies healing powers.

Allopathic and alternative healing modalities have not been able to successfully deal with the variety of symptoms emanating from toxic accumulations in the body because no remedy or combination of remedies can effectively remove the thousands of toxins lodged throughout the body.

The Bio-Cleanse Unit

Now there is a painless and efficient way to neutralize toxic accumulations no matter where they are located in the body. The Bio-Cleanse Unit generates a programmable mix of positive and negative ions (charged atoms) that can balance meridians and normalize pH, depending on the receptivity of the client. The result over several sessions is a growing feeling of well-being and a significant increase in overall energy. Some practitioners have conducted before and after tests and found significant increases of heavy metals in the treated water. Bio-Cleanse sessions are painless, comfortable and easy to negotiate.

Ion producing technology has been around for several decades, but the secret to its successful use in body detoxification is the alternating production of positive and negative ions in the same treatment. This important discovery now makes it possible to work with everyone regardless of the electrical nature of the charges they hold in their body.

Who would benefit from Bio-Cleanse treatments?

Everyone holds toxins in their body, whether or not symptoms are present. The full body cleansing and detoxing that the Bio-Cleanse accomplishes would therefore benefit everyone, but those most likely to notice benefits would be:

• Athletes who need to rid their bodies of lactic acid quickly
• Youngsters seeking to overcome ADD/ADHD
• Persons recovering from accidents
• Anyone with low energy
• Anyone under severe stress or suffering from fatigue and/or burnout
• Persons suffering from allergies
• Persons suffering from arthritis
• Anyone in pain
• Anyone with heavy metal toxicity
• Anyone seeking to slow aging
• Children with autism

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